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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats and Trainer


Sounds like a lot of work,

If the vehicles are all set individually. Is it possible to make a function that only alters
your current vehicles base top speed setting to something you preset? in order to toggle once per vehicle.
or if applicable, to add a vehicle acceleration multiplier? similar to the “player speed” option.


The vehicle acceleration multiplier would work. Though it would still be capped by the max speed in car settings most likely
(Player has no max speed). I’m just going from the little knowledge I have. But for me the most problematic thing is the hard coded max speed for cars. But surely the trainer dev can say more to that matter then me :stuck_out_tongue:
He might be able to do it who knows




Keen for the Dev’s response.


Well as soon as he has his power back he will answer.
If I’m not wrong unknown was the one that got hit by irma pretty hard


I can look into it and see if it’s something we can add to the trainer, thanks for the suggestion!


Looks like @unknown_v2 must of hook up a generator !
And tapped into neighbors Internet !


everytime i start the game and click start single player and wait a little bit i press the playbutton on infinity but the game freezes T^T


Can crash social club as of right now


Start the game first then start infinty after the game is running


Nothing works


What source do you work from?


Never-mind , got it to work.Had to remove some old files


I love this trainer


Hi, i run the GTA V from social club and the “vheicles” and “teleport” don’t work for me.
I start first the game then i play the infinity.


One solution for the social club error 17 problem is having the infinity open ON THE GTA V TRAINER and OPEN THE GAME EITHER FROM STEAM OR YOUR DESKTOP LOGO when the game is loading up you will see two windows to top right corner that shows that you have signed into social club. RIGHT AFTER THOSE WIMDOWS GO AWAY PRESS ALT AND TAB AT THE SAME TIME this will bring you back to the infinity trainer. After that just PRESS play game on the top right and then go back to GTA V and you can mod away


Well, I opened it online,and I get banned


Its not supposed to be used online. Single Player Only!


Well, that’s your own fault.


My social club account was banned and I now cant use it for a month, I had the cheats open on online mode, might wanna make a disclaimer that if you use the cheats on online you get banned for a month because of it.