Gta 4 saves

okay guys i need a save with 100% complete and can i make pistols shoot rockets by using using hxd on it=\

ok that is not a usb mod go look around for a ISO disk i use to use dealdy fish X mods there pretty good and cheap but they are not the very very best gta modders are stepin there game up

I have a FULL GTA IV Set if you need that? It has ALL the Missions completed. Just pick the 1 you need then Rehash and Resign. :smile:

And it will earn you Achievements btw.

message me them

cool sayem

I would also want the full 100% GTA IV game.

I’ll message and send you the Link to both of them. Hold on, let me just Upload it to media fire.

Well, here is the Link to the “GTA IV - Full Game Save Set” That you wanted. I uploaded it to Mediafire instead. Oh and it is a .RAR file so you need WinRAR to Extract the file. and remember, always read the “Read Me” Text Document which will be with the Game Saves.
Have fun! :smiley:

GTA IV - Full Game Save Set - By CoolSayem56.rar

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I did this 100% by my own long time ago ;O

but does someone have a savegame for ballad of gay tony? doing all missions on 100% is not that easy :X

how do i put this savegame on my xbox ?

You bumped a 3 month old topic to say that?

Open your hard drive in horizon and inject the save…

i try open it on horizon is not leting me

Google Is Your Friend…

Put your ids from your save on the 100% complete save and rehash, and and save the 100% save to your hdd…

damn i was looking for these, not just achievments but theres good missions i love replaying