GTA 5 100% save w/ +2 billion $$$

Info at bottom of the page
Link to video GTA 5 100% game save - YouTube
Link to download SGTA50002

:thumbsup: Comes with 100% complete
+2 Billion dollars
Up to 9999 ammo
All buildings purchased

Stay posted for more videos

my friends say that for them it doesn’t appear as 100percent and also that its missing some hobbies?? but for e it says everything complete

It was just a quick upload but it should have everything with 100%

| will be uploading another one so you automatically get the 100% achievement so keep an eye on my channel and it should be up by the end of the week

I got a error saying it was Corrupted ?

Try it again, I did it for my friend and it worked, I will be supplying another link soon

Got it, Thanks. Sorry for the mistake lol.

Love it man!

No problem, try and try again :laughing: keep an eye on my youtube and I will be uploading a better save soon

for me it does say 100percent with everything but for my friends itsdosn say 100 and some hobbies are missing

Yes like I said the save was pushed ahead, there are bugs, its only the first link put out. Not all hobbies will be there because they are all done

can you please buy the airpot when you do :S

you should have enough to buy it

thanks for all about gamer

is anyone test this save???

I am gonna give it a try, for my friend. I already have de GTA V. But it seems interesting. Thanks