GTA 5 Graphics *REDUX MOD*. Now available

It looks like the modder Josh Romito has just released his graphics REDUX overhaul mod for the PC version of GTA 5.

Currently, the website seems to be down/server issues IMO, but you can get more details here later on:

GTA V Redux from modder Josh Romito adds to nearly all visual aspects of the open-world sandbox, renovating everything from textures to weather system, volumetric lighting and post process effects.

To start with, the mod offers “100% re-written weather files from scratch, without a detail over-looked.”

Some of the other improvements include new motion blur and depth of field effects, new custom HBAO effects, re-configured atmospheric fog effects, newly added volumetric lighting, brand new weather particle effects, and massively improved terrain tessellation.

That’s not all; Redux also adds a ton of texture improvements including new 4K textures for plants, grass, fire, water, clouds and more.

To add a whole new level of photorealism to GTA V, the mod uses a series of “only the best” ReShade and ENB presets for “perfect color correction, bloom, tonemapping, and more.”

Users can choose from more than 15 ReShade modes including Redux Original, Redux Lite, The LUT, Deep & Rich, Dark & Realistic, and more.


To be able to run this mod, Romito recommends at least 70GB additional free hard drive space, and a PC system “with optimal performance, and the ability to handle a 5-20 frames per second drop in comparison to the “vanilla” game”.

In short – you’ll need a powerful beefy rig to be able to run this mod. According to Romito, “the variance between 5 and 20, is due to the players choice of ReShade presets. All the different options come with a different style, as well as performance impact”.

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Looks awesome, hope it is simple to install.
Thanks for posting about this I heard about it a while ago but forgot about it.

No worries. Btw, I’m not sure about the Installation instructions, as the main Mod website is still sometimes down, but if I find any useful info, I will post here.

Else, I don’t think the MOD should be that complicated to install. The Author might have included an faq, readme .text file, along with the mod as well, when you download it.

Edit: I have edited the OP with a proper mod link, though there are still some website server issues:

Easy to install but these graphics mods all seem to have the same issue of crashing

Is this crash too frequent ? I haven’t downloaded and tried this particular MOD yet, but I’ve used graphics mods before as well, and I didn’t experience any serious issues.

Just make sure not to mix/match different Graphics mods, as sometimes they might conflict. Remove any previous ReShade, ENB, SweetFX, or other mod files installed as well.

You can post any crash feedback to the author of this Mod, Josh Romito.


The MOD seems to run fine on my system. Need to do a bit more testing though. Very demanding on the PC, if you max all settings.

Yea it needs alot, but that plus a mod that adds real cars goes nice together