GTA 5 Mod not working

I move my game save to the flash drive, plug flash drive in computer, Horizon finds drive, I select the game save to mod and change money, max skills and change some values in the editor, I click the save and window pops up saying rehash resign complete. But when I put the game save back on my xbox 360 and start the game and go check the stats and nothing has changed. Does this tool only work for paid subscribers?

Try using the Save, Rehash & Resign button 2 or 3 times. And are you sure you moved the save to your flash drive and didn’t copy it? If you copied it and then try moving it back to your hard drive when it’s already there it can cause that problem. The GTA5 tool is free for anyone to use, or you wouldn’t be able to open the editor at all.

options, load game, select device, select usb, select the modded save, start. And everything should work.