GTA 5 mods

So if I can’t use mods on GTA online what can I do the mods on?

They are for singleplayer like every trainer in wemod.
Use it online get banned

All trainers, no matter where on the internet you get them from, are for single-player game modes. This is common knowledge as well as common sense.

Cheating online requires hacks, not trainers. These are two completely different things.
WeMod will never provide online hacks because:

  1. WeMod does not condone ruining the experience of other gamers by cheating online. It is a very crappy thing to do.

  2. Technical reasons. Trainers work by injecting code into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM while a game runs from them. Online games are running from a server thousands of miles away from you, not on your PC. Therefore, there are no valid memory addresses to inject cheats into.

  3. You’ll get banned or shadow banned for cheating online. So it is a waste of both WeMod’s time/money and your time/money.

  4. Major game developers (such as Rockstar) are suing people who make online cheats. And winning every case so far.