GTA 5 Online | Hyrbrid Sky Blue Rare Paint Job 1.28 Multi Coloured


Why oh why will you not take everyone’s advice and put all of these videos in one thread?

Because he’s a spammy advertiser and should be banned at this point tbh
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Have another dislike.

Why can’t you just keep updating this megathread? Seriously? Why do we all have to keep asking you to please move it all to one thread?

No one wants to load up the forum and see it cluttered with your “GTA 5 Online | Generic Crew Color #18” threads all over the place.

Not to mention, you literally just put the same exact thing in every thread. “enjoy, link”
It’s obvious you’re just milking us for views and don’t actually give a damn about making a quality post.

IMO either post your videos in one thread or don’t post them at all, you’ll make all of us a lot happier if you choose either one of these options without risking mass dislikes/flags.

At least spell ‘hybrid’ right, I might dislike it because of that…

Honestly, I’ve never clicked the link because, after viewing the first color, I knew it wasn’t worth it. Like all who have posted, I’m tired of seeing these useless, yes useless threads, created and shared for no reason.

…if you truly want to continue sharing the “different” color schemes then share them via a mega thread!