GTA 5 Online | Mega Thread Best Rare Paint Jobs

enjoy this little thread of the best paint jobs rated by my subscribers, comment below you favourite cheers :smile:

Brand New Weekly Paint Job : Deep Sea Blue

1# Shiny Green

2# Glossy Purple

3# Razer Red

4# Sunshine Orange

5# Razer Blue

6# Shiny Purple (Remasted)

7# Razer Green

8# Aqua Blue

9# Ultra Lime Green

10# Atomic Berry

11# Hybrid sky blue

12# Honey Gold

13# Intoxicated


Finally, now we don’t have to see a thread regarding a different paint every other day! Plus, it’ll allow people to find all of your paints in one generalized location rather then searching the forum for every thread.

saves everyone complaining like little girls dont it

monthly bump

I prefer to watch Dat Saintsfan. Sorry.

Shhh, don’t throw him off of posting his GTA crew colors in one thread. We worked hard for this

good guy venenenemie!