GTA 5 Online - NEW Easy RP Race Glitch/Trick! [GTA V]

I have known this for awhile, but great video none the less! You earned a subscriber.

Im only getting 775 RP.Am I doing something wrong?

After the first lap look at your RP bar at the top and it will shoot up big time. The stuff at the end of the game is extra.

are you doing it solo?

Solo gives next to nothing when finishing a lap, tested it out and got like 200RP.

You wanna do it?

serious? it gave me 1040rp solo, but still nothing like it does in the vid. need 2 peeps.
ps. what rank are you?

my bad, did you mean 200rp just for the lap and not overall?

No I had a friend with me doing it to.

Will try this later

Just the lap. After that I got an extra like 590.

Ok it’s working good now.

@ everyone whos getting different amounts of rp
the amount of rp is determined by what level your character is

Need someone to do it with add me Zero G Kitten for Xbox 360

Doing races is just good RP the whole time, and fun! Me and a couple of friends spend allot of time just doing different races and we earn allot of money and Rp just by doing them normally, even with rain and stuff turned off.

Thanks for sharing!

the rp isnt too bad i was doing 1 lappers with a friend and after all the rp from overtakes etc that somehow come up randomly lol your earning 1000+ rp every 32 seconds

I think after continuous races being replayed it started to give me more xp on top of what I was boosting as well with my friend just sitting at the start line. Or maybe a winning streak bonus…but it doesn’t actually say it.

I’ve been doing this since Friday (not constantly just for 2-4 hours each day) level 30 on Friday was level 120 on Monday :smile: got to 120 then stopped

looking for someone to try this with since i need 2 fix up my adder … GT stelio kontos13 .