GTA IV manual activation on steam?

Well I got the all grand theft auto games for £4.99 on steam deal, downloaded GTA IV and now it’s asking me for the activation code on the back of my manual?
I obviously don’t have a manual as I purchased it on steam, I have been through all of the trouble shooting steps and non of them worked as to request a activation code you need a serial code and a unlock request code, and it doesn’t give you the serial so you can’t get it that way.

Have any of you had or overcame this problem? Just looking for some advice on how to solve this issue.

Verify integrity of Game Cache?

i think their asking for the product key so try this

That is used for when you buy a game and it just gives you a steam key, not for activating games that require a product key.

And I don’t really understand what you mean Steven.

my bad haha, just read that too

found this on wiki or yahoo answers

[details=Open Me]For Steam games just go to your library of games. Right click on the game, you should see ‘View Game CD-Key’ as the second option on the dropdown menu.

Or you can start the game. Once the game is running press Shift & Tab together, it will bring you to a Steam menu that should have a tab ‘CD-Key’.

The 3rd option is to go to look for the ‘View’ tab at the top left of your Steam library menu. Click ‘View’, then ‘Games Details’. Now you can click on your game in the regular library and it should show game info in the right half of the Steam application. Under the section “Links” at the far right edge there will be a link for “Cd Key”[/details]

GTA is a Games for Windows live so when you buy it on steam, you are given a product/activation key. you use that when it asks for it

Go into your game library and right click GTA and press Verify Integrity. It just makes sure you purchased it with the account your logged in with.

Already tried it, didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

And Aden, I’ve tried all of those, you can’t view a CD key unless you have one and I know that I need to enter a key to play it, I’ve already stated that the problem is I didn’t get a key.


Problem seems to have been a problem with installing GTA IV today, it’s been fixed by steam so this can be closed.

Finally, you want to play now lol?

Also Closed.