GTA IV Mod Tool Problem

Well I have no idea if this happens for ALL Mod Tools but when I mod GTA IV (Original) using Horizon’s Modder, I set it to infinite health and infinite ammo but the guns still use up ammo and my health is NOT infinite.

Do the mods cancel out after saving just like MW2 or am I doing something wrong?

Well I’ve never used this tool, but are you sure it’s max health and max ammo?

Yes, I am 100% sure.

There is an option on the weapons for Infinite Ammo and I remember playing GTA TBoGT with Infinite Health using Horizon a while ago.

There is a picture of the tool, I was at least expecting the health to go over the default limit as Max Values sets it into the billions instead of 100 as the default.

Just noticed that Ammo does say Max and NOT infinite but Health, I remember playing with infinite health before.

Seriously? What does it mod? A gamesave? And did it work online too?

Yeah it just sets it to the max value, I’m pretty sure you can’t get infinite health. Even on TBoGT.

It mods Single Player via Gamesave.

Now try not to move off-topic? <3

How is it off-topic? I’m pretty sure you can’t get infinite health with game save modding on GTA.

Never mind on the off-topic part I misread.

But I do remember playing with Infinite Health on GTA 4 after using this mod tool a while back.

Guys just stop.

I am almost 100% on Gurvir’s side because I have modded my GTA IV gamesave several times and I have never successfully gotten unlimited anything.

Only max things.


If all else fails, you could always try using Modio’s. Upload your save, and I’ll try later.

Its nothing to do with horizons tool its just how it is max health does work but for some reason you can die by falling from a long distance lets say a building for an example bad thing about this is it stops you from punching

The health isn’t unlimited but very high and the ammo doesn’t work for me as well. You have to be on the gamesave you modded, so when you start a new mission it ruins the mods just so you know.

There’s no unlimited ammo or health. There’s a max.