GTA IV Multiplayer mods?

Are there any gta 4 multiplayer mods here? I can’t find them. Reply please.

Unfortunately, there is not a GTA IV Multiplayer Mod Tool in Horizon at the moment.
You can use and RGH, Flashed Console, or JTAG with and ISO to host those mods.

You can use the Single Player mod tool though.

[details=GTA IV]
The GTA IV tool may look a bit tricky to use but it really isn’t. With a few simple clicks you can have your save game modded with max health/armour and near unlimited ammo.

The GTA IV tool allows you to edit two things: Player traits and weapons.
Editing your players traits allows you to change the values for your players Health, armour and money. You can add your own values or you can select the maximum value option.

Editing your weapons allows you to select a weapon for each category e.g baseball bat for melee. After you’ve selected a weapon for a category you can edit the values for the ammo for that weapon. Again you can do this manually or by using the max ammo option.[/details]

you don’t NEED to have either of these.

Well yeah, you could hotswap but there’s always a risk of cutting yourself.

Not if you are smart about hotswaping.

The right why to hotswaping,

  1. Have the disc spinning,
  2. Go to the game menu on the dash by hitting (Y)
  3. Let it sit for about 5 minutes or untill the laser goes to sleep.
  4. take your retail disc off and put your modded disc on.

Hotswaping I have never seen anyone “Cut” them selfs from swaping the disc.

Ot: There are no multiplayer mods unless you make an ISO and open your Xbox or if you have a flashed Xbox.

If you have anymore question feel free to PM me and I will be glad to help you out.

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