GTA: Online - Space Docker

Managed to get the Space Docker in GTA: O

Edit - Wish I knew what level is required to sell it, these go for over $50k!

Where/how? I haven’t played yet but was that **** true that you could get a UFO in GTA Online if you found all the spaceship parts in SP? I’m assuming no

how do you get it online dude?? please share!!

It’s pretty cool, I was driving around in one. But as soon as he left the game it kicked me out of it and I couldn’t get back in the docker. :anguished:

Modified ISO, working on a way to get fast money now

Online? Well, when you get money, I’ll take some off your hand :wink: haha.

Yeah :smile: I will start a service here on XboxMB if I get it working. I could do with someone who is a relatively high rank to test for me, I believe each Space Docker I spawn can be sold for $145,000. But I’m only rank 10 and can’t sell vehicles more than $50k

If you can get the car online now, I’ll try for you. What rank you need to be to sell stuff that high? I’m about to hit 1, and rising fast since we’re repeating this mission non stop.

Well Idk about you guys but for once I wana do something legit for once… I beat Gta 5 100% complete in 4 days so please dont start modding the online already and ruin it for everyone! Trust me play legit for a bit and it’ll be way more fun than having millions in seconds

putting an awesome car in MP is ruining it? nahh

only thing that ruins gta are the script mods where everyone is freezing people, teleporting them, ect.

finding ways to get a ton of money and adding a sweet car into the MP is not ruining it

I’m almost rank 25 if you do need help.

Its not that its the fact that onlines been out for about what no even 2 days and someones already trying to mod it? And comon you really belive people are only going to mod the money and just add a few cars? You know once they figure out how to mod the game there going to be doing everything posible including all those annoyings things you mentioned above!

And as if the server wasn’t bad enough im sure all the mods are really gona help it!

Wrong place to be white knighting lel

youre right, but no matter what game it is someone will try and mod it online. no matter the fact. best you can hope for is enjoy the good mods like this one

The max sell cap for anyone is 50k :wink:

Feel free to donate me some money. :3

Anyhow I would love to use that as my personal car haha.

I’m working on some mods right now, here is what I’ve got :wink:

Bank Account Intrest rate increased from 2.5 to 20.5
Phoning a friend doesn’t cost anything (usually $10)
Pedestrian cash drop multiplier increased from 1 to 5000
Car sell cap increased from 50,000 to 1,000,000
Cash reward for holding up a store increased from 2500 to 15000
Cash gifting limit increased from 5,000 to 100,000
Matchmaking consider cheaters changed from true to false (NO CHEATER POOL!)

Great work!

Can’t wait till they are released but I also don’t want everyone to have it as it will ruin the MP haha.

I think I’m gonna release it to anyone who requests them, that I feel can be trusted. I really don’t wanna post them publicly. I’m trying to get in contact with dec1337 to see about doing a GTAO Mods collaboration, as I feel it would be beneficial for everyone. But I’m still stuck at the tutorial, so there is no way for me to test my mods yet. But there is no reason that they shouldn’t work. If you can test them, I’ll send ya the file.

Yo the mods you said you’re making, if you’re modifying the “tunables.json” then none of that will work I’ve already tried it don’t waste a disc, also check out the “update.rpf” inside the latest GTA V title update, anything that is in there automatically overrides what is on the disc and there’s no way to modify those files so far. All the scripts are in that TU, meaning if anyone does crack scripts then they will only work offline