So they’re not finished yet, but I’ve been trying all sorts of tweaks and so far I have the following:

Infinite Ammo
Every weapon in the game has the “InfiniteAmmo” flag, meaning you will see no number representing how much ammo you have, you will instead have unlimited.

Infinite Special Ability
Special Ability for all three characters will instantly charge, and never deplete. (If you use Trevor’s special ability, you can’t die from anything as long as it’s active.

No Police (Optional)
No matter what your wanted level, no boats, helicopters or cars will chase you. No roadblocks will appear either.

Instant Hotwire
When you break into a vehicle, you will instantly start it and be able to drive without waiting to hotwire it.
Infinite ArmorYou will still die like normal without armor, but if you want to basically enabled god mode, purchase some armor and it won’t deplete. You can still die from explosions/fall height.Vehicle Spawning (WIP)At the moment the script files for GTA V are compressed & encrypted, and until we can access them I have attempted a few work arounds for vehicle spawning. Currently trying to make it so when you call for an ambulance / firetruck, the paramedics should turn up in whatever vehicle I choose. It’s sort of working I tried it for police for now, as you can see I got a wanted level, and the police started chasing me in the space docker vehicle (DUNE2). Pretty awesome, still found nothing relating to a Jetpack :anguished: Oh and also there were no police driving the space dockers, they were just driving around with no one insideSome screenshots:

[details=Open Me]
Infinite ammo:

Police drive Space Dockers:

No police:
Unlimited armor:[/details]

[size=20] [i][b]Download[/b][/i]


[size=14][i]Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, extract it to find three more .zip files (No Police, With Police and Space Police).

Extract the common.rpf from the archive you want to use, then place it in the root directory of Disc 2. Make sure you back up your original common.rpf![/i][/size]

Sick! keep up the work

just wait till u find the stripclub blow up line. :smile:

This better not effect online.

That looks so damn epic :smiley:! Keep up the good work and can not wait to see the finished product :smiley:.

Considering they are ISO mods, they most likely will. Any ways, nice work!

Honestly on almost every topic containing V mods, there is someone saying it better not affect online. GTA: O’s report / cheater pool system is so in depth, and Rockstar are going to be monitoring this game (unlike IV), you have no worries, you won’t be joining lobbies where people freeze you in V, and scripts have yet to be decrypted / decompressed.

If it helps, this release will only be for single player, there are multiple lines of each attribute and they’re all labelled (SP) / (MP), and everything I’m modding here is SP :thumbsup:

The problem with the infinite ammo tag, is that if you add it to every weapon, it makes that the weapons.meta file too large and cause the game to glitch up and disable ALL weapons, fists included. On the flipside, however, I added that line the machine gun, and it had no affect whatsoever, whereas adding it to the minigun and pistol works perfectly. :confused:


Just saw the screen caps… can you hook me up with your weapons.meta file? Or at least tell me how you managed to do that without it glitching up like I experienced?


scratches head

Comparing yours to mine (HUGE thank you, by the way), I had the same line added for the weapons as you do. I can’t figure out why mine glitched, then… At first, I thought it was due to the bigger file size once all the lines were added. But your file’s bigger than mine was. Now I have no idea… But again, I thank you so very much!

Haha no worries, did you add the flags by hand or copy and paste? Maybe you’re missing a < or something, also make sure it’s in the same place as where I put them, that may matter not sure though

I pasted them from someone else who had used to the tags as well, though not to this extent. Placement is the only thing I can think of. It’s all moot now, though. I can hardly wait to see what I can do with an endless supply of petrol now…

Haha nice I’ve already tried it, I don’t know what the limit is to how much you can pour in one go but it’s high, should try writing something on the floor, igniting it then swap to trevor in a chopper above and take a photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a bad idea.

Was also wondering, can I share your file with another forum, with you getting proper credit (I’d even link back to this topic, if they allow it)?

watt about money only ?

I do believe it needs to be P2P for ISO mods to work? GTA online is going to be server based so pretty much everything will be server sided. How will ISO mods work then? Genuine question as I don’t own a Jtag/RGH

Well because they are ISO mods they can be done on a flashed console or if someone decided to “Hot Swap” it can be done. There is different coding in the files that are marked as MP, so some of the multiplayer stuff is saved on the disc itself.

Ok cool nice work :smile:

Not much point in burning a disc / modifying the files on a JTAG just for money when you can use Horizon to do it, it’s much more practical :smile:

GTA Online is P2P, no dedicated servers, same as IV :anguished: But still, there are some interesting things that suggest you may even be able to use the game cheats (button codes) online, only if you do so you will be labelled a cheater and put in the Cheater’s Pool, I imagine the same will happen when using altered files via ISO modding aswell. Take a look:

Which file? The weapons.meta? Yeah go for it, it’s not finished yet anyway I’ll be adding more to it :thumbsup:

GTA online is on dedicated servers, even Rockstar have stated this!