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GTA V Not Found by Wemod app

I have GTA V, but it is not the Steam version. When I open the WeMod app it shows me GTA V as a game that a trainer exists for, but it shows not installed. Also, there is no find folder button or anything for me to manually tell it where the game is located.

How do I get the app to recognize that I do actually own the game?

Hello there and welcome to the WeMod community. :wave: :slight_smile:

First of all, please make sure you are using the trainer by MrAntiFun. The one made by STN is likely out of date as he no longer creates trainers for WeMod.
-> Link: MrAntifun’s GTA V trainer.

  1. Open the trainer in th WeMod desktop app.
  2. If you see the word “Fix” on the right, click it. If you see the word “Play” instead, click the down arrow which is next to it.
  3. Navigate to the game’s .exe on your computer. Note that the shortcut on your desktop is the launcher, not the .exe, so this won’t do.
  4. Click and drag the .exe to the bed you opened in step 2.
  5. Launch the game first. When you are on the main menu alt+tab to WeMod, press Play then alt+tab back to the game.

Bear in mind that the currently available trainer is designed specifically for the Steam game, there is no guarantee that it will work with your non-Steam version.