GTA V not starting with Infinity

GTA Version: 1.37
Bought on: Steam

When I click on “Start Game”, the Social Club loads like normal. Then there comes an Visual C++ Runtime Error (, when I click on cancel (Abbrechen) the Social Club thing says that there was an error with starting GTA V. When I click on ignore (Ignorieren) the same thing pops up. Try again (Wiederholen) does the same.

I already have tested other games with Infinity. They’ve worked.

Do you have all the latest VC++ runtime libraries properly installed on your OS ? Though, if other games work fine, then you can rule this out.

Are you running INFINITY as an ADMIN, or a normal user ?

Can you start and launch GTA 5 normally without using the INFINITY tool ? Try to attach and run Infinity, after the game level has been fully loaded.

First, launch the game GTA 5 via STEAM,.

After that, once the game level has been loaded, just ALT+TAB back to your desktop and start Infinity. Click on the START GAME button to switch back to the game.

When the icon says “End Game”, this means the trainer has been activated. Try re-installing/downloading the game on STEAM, if need be.

Yes, installed newest one, straight from Microsoft a few hours ago.

Tried both.

When I hook into the game while it’s running, like you described, it loads up. I can select SP, MP, etc., like normal. But when I load into SP the game crashed (You know, the windows thing, “GTA V is not working”)

I don’t understand this part of your reply.

Can you be more specific ? You mean to say, when you launch GTA 5 normally, without using the INFINITY trainer, the game crashes, or some other thing ?

Can you launch and PLAY the SINGLE player campaign of GTA 5, without using this Trainer/tool ?


Thank you for the report, I will fix it!

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How do you run infinity as an admin.

Right click on the .exe file and choose the option “Run as Administrator”

If this will be the permanent solution i would go to the .exe, right click, “Properties” and go to “Compatibility”.

There will you find a “Privilege Level” section, check the “Runthis program as an administrator” box. Apply.


also, how do you download gta 5?

Me myself. I go to steam and download it.
You dont own the game?

no I don’t own the game, it keeps on saying on the top right, to find game, shows a phone with a blue tracker flashing light around it, and an i

are you in australia

The blue tracker is just about the Infinity Remote.

You have to need to buy the game or crack it alternatively.
If you want to use Infinity.

do I have to have the infinity to download gta 5

No, Infinity is a Trainer. It modify your game while playing.
Like basic cheats as Godmode/Unlimited Health, Infinity Ammo, Super Jump and so on.

You can call it an extention to your normal gaming experience.
Therefor you have to own GTA 5 either through Steam or another retailer.
So you need to acquire the base game before doing anything else.

how do I do that, because I only just learnt about this…

How to buy the game?

Go to for example to Steam and buy it

just a question, would I be able to call you or no

I dont give out my phone number no. We could maybe talk on Discord but thats all.
Why would you want call me by the way?

to get a better understanding quicker, because I don’t really understand…

I live up north in the Kimberleys WYNDHAM