GTA V Online - Bike & Car Money Glitch

Not sure if many of you know about this but it’s one of the fastest ways to earn money :wink:

Bike Glitch Video!

Car Glitch Video!

Working for me, very easy monies.

Thanks :smile:

Yes very easy money I made $400,000 in 5 minutes I’m sure you could make $500,000 in 5 minutes if you do it faster :laughing:

It’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to confirm - you dont NEED to customize the bike right? thats simply to add extra value, but you can still do this without customizing?

Yes that is right I only customize it so I don’t have to spend so much time making money :laughing:

Hmm i think i’ll try this.
If it works then i’ll let you know! ^^
But thanks a ton. We better be abusing this too before R* gets all butthurt and decides to patch it too.
Anyways were did you make your intro?
Its gorgeous!

U may have said it in the video but I had it on mute…but does it have to be a bike?

It does work as I only done it like 2 hours ago :laughing: just make sure you follow it right or else you have to restart it all over as for the intro I paid money for it to be made it was made by IDigitalUniverse my intro is on his channel if you search for it but it isn’t the same as he sent me around 4 of them lol

Yes it does


Does this work with cars also? I would like to get something thats worth more to try this with.

will try it right now xD

It’s working.
The mechanic is starting to get suspicious! xD
"What’s wrong with it this time?"

So what does this do exactly?

Bahaha, that’s hilarious. Quick question though. Wouldn’t this appear on the recent transaction list? Having 100+ bikes on my money transaction list might look suspicious to R* or maybe I’m getting this confused with campaign?.

“cheaters pool” welcomes you Sir!

It gives you a lot of money that’s the best way I can tell you :laughing:

Buy some other stuff to cover it up then be smart and not stupid with it

Looks like it doesn’t keep track of it.
Just the parts you bought for it.
I get 5.5k every time I sell it and it doesn’t show up on my log.
Sorry for the HD potato screen shot.

Haha, not yet. I haven’t done the exploit. I was just wondering if the recent transaction list would help R* catch people abusing this. Like I said, having a poop ton of Pegassi’s in your transaction list could set off a flag, notifying R* … boom! cheater pool.

Hopefully this is patched soon, but doesn’t matter since money means nothing if you’re not high enough level to buy the stuff haha.

Also, I like your hat!

It will be patched pretty soon but there be a next way to make money :laughing: also thanks I’m a bad sport for 2 more days because I was going mad in the tank :laughing: :smirk: