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Gta v online modding


Can’t u get ninja or something like that


To get on Xbox Live but that doesn’t hide the money you added from rockstar.


Okat so I have a JTAG xbox 360, with a freestyle 3 and what file exactly should I take off the HDD to use in Horizon for modding? The whole GTA V file or just the content file?


Should be your last save on hdd


You don’t need a jtag to mod GTA v with Horizon.


My xbox 360 is a jtag xbox and it runs on freestyle 3, I dont have anything other than this xbox, if i want to take the directory file for GTA V where would I find it?


So should I take the Game Save from the Xbox Menu, system and the HDD then select GTA V and Select the Game save, or do I need to find this within Freestyle 3 which it always loads to when I turn on the console


Your gamesave has nothing to do with modding gta online. You will need to find a menu all of which at one point were paid unless you were well connected. You will probably get banned within minutes if you go online with any of the free ones now.


If you have jtag just google a trainer.
For offline use
I think there is an editor in horizon
Take your save from your hd
Put on a usb
Plug into pc
Open horizon
Mod your save
Put back in 360


Thanks ptondo!! I will give it a try.


So if I wanted to Mod the GTA V Vehicles how could I go about that? Is gta 5 mods . Com just for pc or is there somewhere to learn to mod the vehicles for Jtag xbox360.