Gta v online modding

Hi, i am not very good at modding things and just wondered if someone can talk me through how to get either the mod menu or at least a bit of money on GTA V. I downloaded Horizon but i cant figure out how to use it exactly. Please help someone.

You need a JTAG/RGH to mod online. Horizon can only mod single player.

And how do i JTAG my xbox??

Buy one online.

hey i like to know will this work in single player for xbox one?


is there anything that can work with xbox one single story mode? if not is there a thing about getting lot of money?


How do you get a JTAG and a mod menu for online GTA5

You buy them. JTAG is a modified xbox and I don’t know of any public menus.

How do you jailbreak your xbox 360

There is no such thing as an Xbox jailbreak. Jtag is hardware and software modification.

does this work for ps3 gta5 story mode

if u have a 360 i can get u modded money

How do you get the menu tho? everytime I try my money is just maxed out and skills on single player.

Horizon will not allow you get Mod Menu’s for games. It primarily edits the values inside a GameSave.

there was the singleplayer baswaq money glitch where after a point you buy and then sell stock and you would increase your money but you had to clear the game update / system cache and play ofline so no dlc was availabe then when you had as much as you wanted with all characters redownload the update and buy whatever you wanted in singleplayer.

online money?

Hey does anybody know if when you buy a modded Xbox with jtag or rgh how to do money drops or just give money in gta 5 then get it to Xbox

Download a menu and then enjoy the ban. Unless something has changed they are still banning because they want to re-balance the economy.