GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Trainer for Epic Games Version?

Can I somehow get the GTA Vice City - The Definitive Edition trainer to work with the Epic Games version?

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Press the down arrow next to the install button in WeMod.

Then manually link the .exe to the trainer.
By default, Epic Games .exes are found in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GAME_NAME.

Do not use any desktop icons to link games to WeMod. Desktop icons are not .exe files, they are just basic launchers.

There is no guarantee that this will work. If it doesn’t, Epic Games store has a policy that you can get a refund on games as long as you have not played any longer than 2 hours, then you can re-purchase it on Steam or Rockstar.

I tried to add the .exe but the game won’t launch through WeMod, but it works if I launch the game normally through Epic Games then open WeMod and select the Rockstar Games version trainer with the .exe from the Epic Games folder and click play in WeMod when the game is already running. Thanks for the reply.