GTA5 Xbox360

Any one wanna do Heist? or is a modder that can drop me and a few friends money? [if they are from Canada ill pay the modder]

GT UnknownCamaroHD

I can mod

Add me then.

add mehh to my name on the xbox 360 is nbayoungboy43 cause i need help myself

Hi I need help I’m trying so hard to get the mod menu through USB for GTA 5 either for Xbox 360 or Xbox one and I just can’t seem to do it I’d really appreciate if someone could help me I’m running windows 10 and have a USB device thank you in advance

Mod menus require unsigned code to run, meaning only xbox 360’s with mod chips are able to run them (look into jtags and RGHs.

Some games (very, very few) allow alternatives though (gta 5 is not one of them). I think waw allowed a really basic mod menu. Black ops allowed mod menu stuff but without any visuals and just key bindings (look into black ops gpd modding). There might be a few more games with similar mistakes but the important thing to keep in mind is that as soon as it goes public enough it gets patched, so don’t expect anything to work online (i.e with the latest version).

If you are willing to buy and burn game discs you can look into iso modding. You basically burn a modified game with the mod[s] “installed” to a disc and then install it on the console through either hot-swapping or by using modified hardware to bypass the security trying to prevent the modified game from installing.

Hur blir man moddare på Xbox 360 live då?

This is an english-only forum. Speaking swedish would just confuse the others.

You need a modded console for what you want to do. You will also need to buy unpatched mod menus and key vaults.

Hello there my G.T. is “Brown honky5150” and ill do heists with you im sick of being in the middle of a hiest and having the other players leave
so hit me up and we can do this buddy