Gunfire Reborn Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I used No Reload cheat in multiplayer and probably got reported for cheating from the team and I got suspended for 24h.

i would love to have the explosion aoe adjustment for fun!

I notice the host right often moved to “a fifth player” when the game starts making most cheats unusable in multiplayer. I checked the match history and saw there was a different when you are the host or not, you see your own player name along with others. This problem also causes unusual high ping because as a host you don’t have ping at all.

I think I know how the ban works. when you would use cheat the game detected and put the ban on stand by. when other player reported you for cheating the ban would act and stopped you from playing. If the player only reported you out of spite the ban wouldn’t take effect. I just assume.

the second time for being banned will put you on 72 hour period. idk how it goes next

Recently my trainer doesn’t work from time to time, I accidentally delete my saves, so I have to unlock all the weapons and scroll again, first few days it worked perfectly, but in the near days, it doesn’t work. Hopefully, there will be an update soon, TH.

The Gunfire Reborn cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

The Gunfire Reborn cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

I’m not sure if its an issue due to the newest update or the way the mods work outright, but when me and my friend play only the host gets the effects aside from no reload and infinite jumps. whoever is not host is unable to get the infinite hp, shield, money, and soul essence when they use their own trainer/cheats

The Gunfire Reborn cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

You do realize that these trainers are meant for single player, not multiplayer, right?

If you use them in multiplayer you will get banned if someone notice you using cheats.

For those who’ve already been banned, you can only blame yourselves for not thinking twice before activating the trainer and going into multiplayer.

I don’t mind using trainers in single player but in multiplayer? That’s just wrong on every level of wrong and those who do, deserve the ban they get.

when you play a game for fun with your friends and already have everything unlocked there isnt much fun in the normal game. there is no leaderboards aside from ones kept on the discord server there is just fun between friends flying around the map at mach10. hating on someone and thinking they deserve to be banned if they are playing with a trainer on a game with their friends and a game they already have every achievement in fairly and are the max level with soul essence fairly (and recorded on obs) is just being stupid.

you also do not understand how banning works in this game apparently. as ive seen from others it “marks” your account and when someone reports you, you are more likely to be banned or reviewed than others. it doesnt have any outright banning from cheat detection

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If you get banned by using a trainer in any multiplayer mode in any game, that’s on you and you alone, whether it’s a ban from an automated system or via reports from other players.

I do understand how banning works in the game. It does have anti cheat and others can report your account by accessing the team page and look at your stats and such, and from there, it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not someone is cheating.

From their steam updates:

Update Notes:


  • Further optimized the anti-cheat system.

I can understand wanting more fun and doing it with friends only, but these trainers are never made to work in multiplayer modes in order to prevent their users from getting banned. Bottom line is, you won’t get any support for using mods in multiplayer here, nor will they ever make mods work in multiplayer.

If the game becomes boring in multiplayer after you’ve obtained all there is to obtain and completed the game 100%, there’s plenty of other games to play.


this not work when host with 3 player … 2 player work fine …

The trainer is not meant for multiplayer use

The Gunfire Reborn cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Plans for unlimited ammo and unlimited secondary cheats?

the game marks you and you can get banned even if you don’t acivate Wemod, just leave it at the background and…you can be banned in multiplayer. such a wow. my fourth ban put me on 120 hours. stay informed.