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Had an offline Xbox 360 profile with saves, deleted it, now have "unknown profile" save files


I recently tried downloading the Cerberus Network DLC for Mass Effect 2 onto my Xbox 360. Since I was using an offline account and never accessed Live nor hooked the 360 up to the Internet (and don’t intend to keep the internet connected to my Xbox anyway) I was forced to connect to the Internet to download the DLC. Every time I attempted to log in I was told to “log in” despite having my offline profile open and having already logged into Xbox Live. When I couldn’t get Live to recognize that I was already logged in, I was advised to delete the profile and re-download it from Live. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the difference between an offline and online profile and apparently all of my Mass Effect game saves are now corrupted as belonging to an “unknown profile”.

Not surprisingly Xbox support was useless and simply told me to “start over again”, which I’m absolutely not doing after having sunk 70+ hours into my second Mass Effect play-through. I downloaded Horizon, but I am not entirely certain how to make it work, since it appears that a prerequisite for making Horizon work is having an uncorrupted save file. I’m hoping someone can prove me wrong.

EDIT: I was able to successfully transfer all of the data off of the 360 using the “transfer content” option, so thankfully I now have the actual files available to manipulate. I guess my next question is if it’s worth trying to inject these saves into my actual Live profile or the new offline profile I created. This experience has really soured me to Xbox Live as a whole and I don’t know if it’s even worth using anymore.


This should work for all or at least most of your “Unknown Profile” save files.

  1. Make a new profile on you 360
  2. Move it to your flash drive and put it in your PC or connect your 360’s hard drive to your PC
  3. Open Horizon
  4. Open your new profile in Horizon
  5. You will notice 3 IDs in it, Profile ID, Device ID & Console ID
  6. Now open one of you “Unknown Profile” ID save files side by side with your new profile, Like this:
  7. Replace the profile ID on the save with the one from your new profile, the other 2 IDs should be the same since they’re from the same console
  8. Now use the red Save, Rehash & Resign button at the top of the opened save.
  9. Now when you load up Mass Effect 2 with your new profile those saves should show up and be playable for you


Thank you for your reply! I checked it out, but unless I am looking in the wrong place I seem to only have my profile IDs (see the first attachment below, the image of Mr. Bubblegum is the offline profile).

Attachment one:


Double click on it to open it in the gray area of Horizon. Then do the same with your saves or just left click on them and drag them over.


Thank you, your advice worked! I just find it irritating that Microsoft makes it so hard to make these adjustments.


How could i move the “Unknown Profile Save” to a usb


By logging into the account it belongs to.


but it s deleted


Then plug the harddrive directly into a computer.


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