Halo 2: The Master Chief Collection Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Could we get an option for unlimited Flashlight/Active Camo? being able to run around the whole level undetected would be really cool.

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Reach, Halo: CE, and Halo 2 all work fine. Halo 3 does not. The cheats also disable themselves one after another over the course of a minute or so.

Would be so great if these worked on the non modded version of the game

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You guys should put the MCC Windows/Xbox version on Queue. I would be more than pleased to put some boosts on that. I really want them.

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is there any way you can get this set up with the microsoft verizon the reach and halo ce and halo 3


It’s not working now. Each cheats got canceled after dozens of seconds.

The Halo 2: The Master Chief Collection cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
  • Updated notes

This is a feature of Halo 2, if you get meleed in the back it is an instant kill no matter you heath or sheild level. So just don’t let Elites or Brutes get behind you.
You can do the same thing to Elites and Brutes when you melee their back too, insta kills them.

X-Box version when?

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the unlimited health cheat does not work

Could you please add an instant kill, Boundary bypass, super jump, super speed, and skull override for LASO playlist? Would seriously appreciate it!

With Halo 2 MCC, I get an error stating I am playing 32bit version and the trainer is for 64bit version. It is also marked for Steam. As far as I know, all of Steam’s games are 32bit. What’s up?

Did you follow the steps to play without anti-cheat?

Yes. The cheat still says it is for 64 bit game and all of Steam games are 32 bit. I get the same error with Halo 3 MCC.

Still, after reinstalling both WeMod and Halo MCC. Any ideas?