Halo 4 Custom Game Modding Tut Thread

Cosmic Lightning/Skylie Tuff’s Newb/Noob Tut on GVM in Custom Games ONLY

Anyhow, now it’s your turn to learn and you all ask a lot, I mean a lot of questions….

Original File: Includes Color Coded Procedure:


Here is a quote from Synth92

I’m still a Big Newb at hex coding but if you need help with whatever below, I’ll try….


Synth92: Se7ensings for Sunburst Lite & For showing me how to understand Hex, without him, I’d never would of figured it out.
Kornman: Both Xboxmb, Se7ensins, & youtube.
Skylie/Cosmic: Flood, Size & Health Mod: Take this & run, I don’t want credit, Just share the knowledge is all I care…Not to 343i though, I really don’t want to get banned and we do not know if they even care about game-variant modding.


What you need:

Hex Editor:

HxD Hex Editor - CNET Download.com

or Hex Workshop works to…

Sunburst Lite: Give Credit to Synth92 for it.

Sunburst.exe at Share Send

Horizon/Modio= Mainly to inject files with your new file, do not shortcut it .

Meaning, if horizon user.

Change the Container’s Hex, then save in Sunburst Lite, then drag/drop into horizon. Click save/rehash/resign then save to zipdrive on the inject button & click yes to all pop-ups. Done.

The .bak is the file itself, you can edit it if you know what your doing, but it’s easier to edit the container if you know what your doing……:wink:

  1. Bits not bytes!
    In order to conserve space and bandwidth, information in gametypes and map variants are contained at the bit-level. A bit is the lowest level that data can be stored. It is binary code: 01000101110. Each digit is a bit. A byte consists of 8 bits each.

Usually, when space isn’t a concern, boolean values (true/false) are stored in bytes like 00 for false and 01 for true. In binary, this is 0000 0001 for true. Notice how 7 bits are wasted? In Halo 4, they use a single bit for true/false. Since there are a lot of boolean values, they probably saved dozens of bytes doing this. This may not seem much but remember that gametypes are downloaded before every single match in matchmaking and millions of people play Halo 4 per day. It adds up quickly.

How do I edit the bits in a hex editor? Well, HxD doesn’t support editing individual bits so you’ll have to pull out the Windows Calculator and set the mode to Programmer. Copy and paste the hex values into the calculator (make sure you’re in hex mode too). You’ll see the binary code underneath the input. Each letter/number takes up 4 bits. You can click on each bit to toggle them.

Here’s an example:

Hex value: 0x003475
Binary code: 0000 0000 0011 0100 0111 0101

Red is the primary weapon which is binary rifle. Green is secondary which is incineration cannon. Let’s extract the bits.

Primary: 0 0011010 = 26
Secondary: 0 0111010 = 58

Ah… so binary rifle’s actual value is 26 and incineration cannon’s actual value is 58.

“Why is this important?” you might ask. The answer is because you won’t see the same set of bytes everywhere due to the bitshifting (since many properties occupy an odd number of bits). For instance, at one point you see 01 FB FB FB FB FA but at another point you see 03 F7 F7 F7 F7 F4. They’re actually the same at the bit level (but for a different trait).

I’m not going to go into further detail at this point, but hopefully this will help you and other people. This is why your way of changing it to F0, A0, B0, etc. won’t work in nearly all cases.

  1. Anonymize your gametypes
    The 8 bytes before your gamertag in the chdr block and mpvr block are your xbox user ID. You’ll have to null them out and edit your gamertag to whatever. There’s also cache data in the file that might have your gamertag. Finally, there’s one more instance of your gamertag/user id that’s hidden from plain sight. It’s the several bytes after the visible gamertag in the mpvr block. You’ll have to bit-shift them and I’m not gonna bother going into detail here. That’s something you’ll have to figure out until I finish Sunburst. You can either release mods at your own risk or simply don’t share with anyone else.

Read that to further your education before you continue. I designed this tut for people who little to no knowledge about hex to make it easier for people….

Let’s get started, eh?

First: Grab new file that you named through horizon or modio, it shall say on the left 88.0 KB, created & modified by you unless you saved someone else’s variant.

Next, drag file from that to desktop.

Then open or drag file onto the hex editor

Do not drag the back-up file, that is the actual file, you want to edit the container, so look before you edit.

Sorry, part of my desktop on that……

Scroll down on the file until you see the highlighted numbers. Usually close around D43C0 – D4A0. Scroll down until you hit D900 on slayer variant you’ll find the leader traits hiding around.

Now, the fun part, the codes.


I follow the above code to a simple rule, it’s sleek & effective.

Think of them as your load-outs.

First thing you see in the weapon loadout is primary, so 01 = primary.

01 = Primary
FB is secondary

Note: First weapon will lead the 2nd weapon, as like a string, you pull on one end, you change the outcome by 2. Same with load-outs. So, 01 + 1 = secondary.


AA = Armor Ability


Is Tactical Package


Is Support Upgrade:

Now, lets move on to something more complicated shall we,

To make the flood, depending on what you are trying to do, involves a little more smart….

Do you want flood to have team colors or no colors?

Remove force color = white. I think black works better, don’t you?

00 00 00 A0 A0 B0 C0 D0 F0 D0 F0 C0 B0 A0 F0 D0 A0 BA C0

This above is the old code but still needed if you want to make the big slayer look like the flood.

The highlighted digit in red = skull traits.

Known ones are pestilence, regicide, & B-Day.

01 = B-day/ works for all Game-types except King in Regicide
02 = Regicide/ Works only as flood slayer companion, does not work with just slayer unfortunately
03 – 99 = unknown but already mapped by synth92

Now, the new & improved codes

00 00 00 0F FF FF FF FF F0 D0 F0 FF FF FF FD FF FF FF FC

Notice the bold changes the appearance.

The purple will change the color…

Hex Color Codes this will help sort of….

So, black flood would be, yup, you guessed it:

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 {00} 00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 D0 F0 FF FF FF FD FF FF FF FC FC

20 = enabled 40 = disabled 60 = something else, not sure what. But it affects it….


Above as 27 digits instead of 26 , change the 3 to change player movement stuff & paste.

Paste this in screenshot below to get black flood.

If you use 0F FF instead, you’ll be force white. Not Sure why….I have not tried 04 FC FF because I’m trying to get things figured out.

I don’t know how to edit colors all that well, just Know that I know the above is black flood

20 = enabled 40 = disabled 60 = something else, not sure what. But it affects it….

The other digits before you get to the F0 = color & F0 D0 F0 = appearance and then the rest I have no clue what it controls, something but not sure what, but eventually I’ll know.

Now, for what you have been waiting for, the size.

To control the size of the character is quite relatively simple and that’s why I couldn’t figure out, lol… But after editing the size, you then can set-it up however you want in-game, same with flood appearance….

Code for the size….

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 38 40 C3 25 0F FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FC

Pink is highlighted for size

Paste this into the D410 where 01 FB is & then, you can start editing the size.

Note: This still only changes the appearance, not the scale proportion so you can’t walk through cracks & walls, just look really small. But it does change the how you react to weapons & etc for some reason. Meaning if your super big, it’ll take people no matter where they are the map, they can shoot you down within a few shots, & etc. If your super small, well, it’s hard for people to shoot you, etc.

Now, lets see what happened from the last code to this code, shall we…



26 digits

Big Slayer:

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 {38 40} C3 25 0F FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FC

29 digits

The highlighted blue I do not know why it is there, after saving my file, it changed it to those bits……

But 3 bits were added, weren’t there. Huh, thought it was 2 but I know why two, I did this with the gravity edited….

But anyhow, I can’t say for sure, but paste the Big Slayer code into all the way from 01 – FC and then you can edit the highlighted bits.

You don’t want to mess with the 60 or size won’t change. You mess with the bracketed bits in the Big Slayer by logic, 37 39 = smaller 39 41 = taller and do not, I repeat, do not make it go 41 23 or it’ll ruin the file.

But that controls the size.

Now, even more hard, is to control the appearance……Kind of,

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 {38 40} C3 25 0F FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FC

Appearance below = Big Flood = Wrong

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 {38 40} C3 25 0F FF FF FF FF F0 D0 F0 FF FF FF FD FF FF FF FC

Appearance Below = Big Flood = Right

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 {38 40} C3 25 A0 A0 B0 C0 D0 F0 D0 F0 C0 B0 A0 F0 D0 A0 BA C0

Big Flood Black:
01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 60 {38 40} 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 D0 F0 C0 B0 A0 F0 D0 A0 BA C0

Because you need the old code as it has a signal or something telling you need it, I do not know why, but it is needed….

Note, those codes only work in Slayer/regicide/ the rest but flood

The Flood Game-Type:

12 0A 2B FB FB 80 00 00 60 30 40 00 01 15 30 E3 FF FF FF FF FF FD FF FF FF FC 04

That is for sizing all players if pasted in the the food at D420 offset or near there. To find the Alpha or Regular flood code, I do not know, but maybe someone can elighten me. I Think D900 or near there is the Alpha but each time I change it becomes invalid.

Now, let’s move on to find out health slayer, shall we……

Warning: Unless you have a modded xbox, if you play this mod in theatre, right at 1 second it will freeze your xbox up.

Now, back to health mod.

01 FB FB FB FB FA 00 00 04 FC FF FC 04 00 FF FF FF 00 00 00 BD FF FF FF 58 78 BE 59 79 BF 60 7A C0 00 04 FC FF FF FF EF FF F7 FF FB FF FD FF FE FF FF FC

That is bigger then original is it not? Any more added will result in corrupt profile or works with crash effect:

Crash effect: When it loads, sometime, depending whenever, will result in a crash. Not sure why nor care.

Basically, I kept adding 4 00’s, playing, added another 4, then after the third time, I rearranged the code & it came up with this. Now who say’s adding 00 don’t anything, well, they are right until you change it, thank my dad for the idea….

I suggest you don’t attempt making it on your own, just copy paste & be on your way……

Feel free to change the code around, only the bolded though.

Weapon List thanks to synth92

253 Unchanged
252 Random
1 Assault Rifle
2 Plasma Pistol
3 Spike Rifle
4 Energy Sword
5 Magnum
6 Needler
7 Sniper Rifle (unusable)
8 Rocket Launcher
9 Shotgun
10 Sniper Rifle
11 Spartan Laser
12 Gravity Hammer
13 storm rifle
14 incineration cannon
15 target designator
16 beam rifle
17 sticky detonator
18 plasma turret
19 golf club
20 concussion rifle
21 machine gun
22 plasma turret
23 target designator
24 LightRifle
25 Scattershot
26 Binary Rifle
27 Repeater
28 Railgun
29 Stasis Rifle
30 Storm Rifle
31 Needle shotgun
32 Grapple Harpoon
33 Incineration Cannon
34 Carbine
35 Beam Rifle
36 Sticky Detonator
37 SAW
38 Fuel Rod Cannon
39 Boltshot
40 Bishop Beam
41 Concussion Rifle
42 Fuel Rod Cannon
43 Battle Rifle
44 Suppressor
45 Flagnum
46 Flood Talons
48 Magnum STC
49 Plasma Pistol FCT
50 LightRifle IMP
51 Suppressor SHA
52 Carbine RGN
53 Boltshot PST
54 Battle Rifle DNE
55 Battle Rifle ACT
56 Assault Rifle PDR
57 Assault Rifle PRM
58 Incineration Cannon
59 None
60 Sticky Detonator (unusable)
61 Railgun (unusable)
62 Plasma Pistol (unusable)
63 Target Designator

That is it for now, thank you for reading….

Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting such a lengthy tutorial on how to mod game variants as a whole. Massive props man. We need more people posting things like this.

Great tutorial. I will definitely be messing around with this to see what I can do with it. I wonder if it would be possible to remove sprint and make the re-spawn rate instant? So it feels like Halo 3.

Both are possible.

Ya! thats what I figured. I actually was searching around and I found someone who had the modded game type on their fileshare. :thumbsup:

Yep, respawn traits are a little bit before the weapon traits, but that’s easy enough for people to find, it’s the trait with four F7. Fun part is trying to change it, not, very touchy & sensitive, sense why I did not include them…

Thanks smiffy, I did this so people wouldn’t be asking me & synth at se7ensins to create game-types for them…

Can someone make a video on this? And if you change the size of the player in the gametype everyone in an online game can see it if that gametype is selected?

Only if your in Custom Games lobby, but yes, if you select the game-type while in Custom Games while you have a party of friends, they will all be forced as x game-type until out of it.

I know by experience. This don’t work on find game matches unless you figure a way to merge the two things together, maybe with an RGH or something…Wish I had one…

Think i’ve got enough to work with here. Gonna start making some game variants for mah XMB bros.

I know this a bump, but it’s an important one.

Soft Patch to Custom Game modding Happened. U need to save an already modded game-type to by-pass it now. ;(

Might as well start playing customs before already create game-types go bad.

Thanks. I would create a youtube video to go with the text. I would defiantly Sub and watch.