Halo 4 mods

Post here if you get something to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Dolan aim me and I can talk about this :wink:

gpd mod with max xp


thanks to godzcheater

has to be offline or it wont work, unless you mod your own gpd.

someone also posted an unlimited ammo xex on 360haven

Can you guys make a video of the final rank and everything you unlock please now that you have it modded? Or possibly just a live feed?

i have few things working as we speak:

  • See thru gun or Black gun
  • Modified HUD
  • Disable helmet
  • Change player + enemy scale
  • Wallhack
  • Instant reload
  • Super jump
  • Small crosshair

few pictures:

see thru gun:

black gun:

small crosshair:

gun color modifications:


Horizon has been updated with a Halo 4 credit editor.

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Crosshair in the middle + modifed ammo:



Wow, these saves must be really easy to mod. No checksum or anything? I would think that 343i would be better than that.

Im not doing savegame mods.

Hiya dudes! So I haven’t modded anything halo since way back when with Halo 2… Ah the days of testing offsets one by one… So please forgive me if I’m not quite up to speed. I got the fever again. I did a basic google for ‘Halo 4 modding,’ and this site was the first result, so here I am.

Does Halo 4 have the same tag format as previous? I may be jumping the gun and assuming a lot, as I haven’t seen the H3 and Reach formats, but since the switch to 343 from Bungie, have they redone the tag system?

How’s the modding community doing? Is there an IRC channel? I’m hoping I might come across a few reverse engineers who might want to lend a helping hand giving me an idea on the state of things right now.

A step in the right direction is much obliged.

EDIT: Okay, I am dumb and did what I used to hate seeing; I got too excited and didn’t explore the forums enough before posting. My bad. Mods, delete this if necessary?

with a Halo 4 credit editor.

Horizon has been updated with a Halo 4 credit editor.

i’m new and i’m trying to figure out how to get the Halo 4 game mods to work. I know how to edit my Halo profile just not the game…please advise

It might do you better to talk with Coder123 himself; this thread is old, be sure to check the post dates!

Disclaimer: these will be effective offline only.

ahh good point, thanks. I also got an error message and it said to report it to a developer. could you point me in the right direction? my buddy that showed me all this and knows it fairly is outta town and i’d like figure it out. Thanks again!