Halo 5 Bundle for PC

If you haven’t heard so already 343 has released a Halo 5 game on the PC. You’ll be able to create maps in Forge and play Custom Games with friends. The best part about it is that it’s free on the Windows Store. In order for you to be eligible to download the game you’ll need the Windows 10 Anniversary update to download the game, which you can find here.

Download for Halo 5: Bundle


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I had no idea about this. Is it cross platform? If it is I might think about upgrading to 10. I have a few games that don’t play well with 10 so I still haven’t upgraded

According to this. No, cross play isn’t available.

Yea, there are a few Uplay games that “Don’t support windows 10” but recently some of them have started working


If you guys are down to play some custom games, post your gamertags.

Cx3 Hawk


As soon as I get home I’ll download the game. Spent the day yesterday installing updated on my pc :smiley:

I’ll post my gt once I got the game.

So it took the entire day yesterday and this early morning to download it but apparently it’s using my old gt: SSMT Macke

I’ll gladly join in on some custom after I get home from school.