Halo ODST GPD Editor

I got bored and made this. I know that really nobody plays this game but whatever. This will allow you to set the progress for all missions. Also it will unlock the three firefight maps that you need to play campaign to unlock.

Edit: I fixed the bug where it would say invalid mission status, and I made it so you can unlock all the missions.

If you find any bugs, please post them, thanks.
Download Executable
I got sorta lazy so the code’s kinda sloppy.
Download Source(C#)
Virus Scan

Video Tutorial on How to Use This:

Open Me


Nice work, wish I still had ODST.

das sexy.

Nice I’m going to use that.

thanks but i wish i wasn’t lazy

What do you mean?

Release the source of I’ll cut you. I want to look into it, not going re-publish it or anything.

I’m going to use this right now, thanks for this. :smile:

I did, it’s in the OP :smile:

Every time I open my GPD it freezes and then it use like 300MB of RAM is that normal.

I keep getting this…

just null that mission in a hex editor,
the program isnt recognising as a valid byte(i assume in a if statement)

did you actually play the game
it might be trying to find the setting,but ive not used this though so im not sure.

Upload your GPD please.

You too.

I tried playing a mission then saving it and I keep getting the error too. I will upload in a sec.

Useful program. It was either ODST or Halo 3 or both that for some reason one day told me that I had not completed the campaign on legendary any more (which I had done legit so I don’t know what happened). It was a long time ago though and I never went back to do the campaign again. So thanks!

Nice, I look nooby on Reach with only halo 3 finished.

Nice! You couldn’t release this like 5 months ago when I still had the game. lol

For me give Invalid File Name.

Show me the message box, and upload your GPD, I have never seen that error, and in my code I never wrote that.

I Keep getting ‘invalid mission status’ error, and I tried this tool on a new gpd and it does not unlock the missions in mission select.