Halo Reach Blue Flame/Nameplate

Since some people don’t understand, I’m just going to put this first before you read anything:
I need your Bungie email and password.

Hey everyone, I’m bored and wanted to help out XboxMB, so if you want Blue Flames and Bungie Nameplate just PM me your Bungie account info. If you don’t trust me that’s fine, you can go to one of these threads




What to do once I activate the Blue Flames and Nameplate:
If you want to put on the Blue Flames just start up Reach, go to the Armory, then Armor Effects and apply the Blue Flames.
If you want the Bungie nameplate, go to Bungie.net --> Profile --> Halo Game Settings --> Bungie Nameplate and click Change.

Yes I stole skills layout because I didn’t feel like typing…< 3 you bud.

He is legit. If anyone has a problem PM me.

Do you think you can do it for me?

Sure PM me with your details :wink:

Or tell me your GT if you just want the nameplate

Can you please do me too? I’ll pm you my details :thumbsup:

Sure thing :wink:

legit, thanks man

GT: zK OpTiiMuS

Thanks Bro!

So what, if you have the program, and log out, then log back in on another email you activate it once again? lolwut. I can do this if you guys bug Instinct too much or he’s not on. Hope not a lot of people get this and start charging on xbox for it :confused:.

So your only wanting the nameplate? just making sure

is the bungie email/pass your stuff to sign into xbl?

Yes :smile:

Thanks so much!!


Legit, Thanks man :smile:

can you mod mine?

pmed thank you for helping me :thumbsup:

I just want the nameplate.

GT: Valor XII

Thanks Bro!

Just got out of the shower and gonna be working on them again now :wink:

I just PMed you. Thanks very much. I am getting a iPhone this week actually and want this to be done though. When I get my iPhone I will help you if you would like.

Done :wink: