Halo reach

biggie smalls tu pac

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yey! thanks for the chance, time to use my guessing skillz

Um thats 36 * 36 * 36 * 36 = 1.679,616

So its 1 in 1.679,616 chance. Do someone have a bruteforce utility?

I just tried with my super awesome randomizer i made in visual basic and is so awesome that doesnt work, can you give us some tips how many letters and numers it has?

Also you can re-sell that game :moneybag:

biggie smalls

I knew there were something fishy about this. You are trying to get people to buy things from you.

I moved this to general because it is not a giveaway or deal.

Also stop soliciting. I am not sure on the rules about selling something here but repeating the same thing is annoying. I’ll tag @chris so he can do something if its not allowed.

who shot ya

Public B/S/T has been against site rules for years.

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Abusing “mini” mod powers.