Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

over all, it’s great. I wonder if it’s possible to add leader power and unit skills instant cooldown? and the system keeps reminding me that we aren’t producing any power once I use unlimited power and resource. Is there a way to fix this?

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These cheats have got to be the funniest ■■■■ I’ve seen in a Video game, It makes doing physically anything with spammy leaders like Anders just stupid to look at, Like the thirty thousand sentinels clouding the sun.
I would like to see an ‘add leader points’ feature if at all possible, just as a quality of life thing, If not then don’t bother, these are great as they are now
(Image caption: “I may have pressed the button a few times-”)

can we make it work somehow to play with friends ???

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All trainers are designed for singleplayer use only.

what trainer and what pve games? im interested

Hi! I’ve noticed Numpad 3 “Unlimited upgrade points” is for the tech levels and not for Leader Power upgrade points. Tech levels are trivially achievable one you activate unlimited resources but Leader Power points are a bit of a hassle, it’s either spamming some simple thing which gives progress to the next point (like swapping turret upgrades) or tracking down the memory address for it with Cheat Engine

I suggest an update which changes the Leader Power points instead of the Tech Levels.
Also, as mentioned already, instant cooldown for unit abilities and leader powers would be awesome as well!