Halo wars 2 trainer not working

Seems the trainer for halo wars 2 isn’t loading cheats for me for some reason check my post here: Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store It was recommended I try the new trainer by stingerr but that was the one I was using all along when doing all the steps I posted. I’d post there but it seems the thread is locked. Any suggestions outside of what I already tried would be appreciated.

The thread you linked is locked because it’s linked to the trainer by STN, who is retired and therefore won’t be updating his trainer.

The correct thread that you need to be using is linked in the last post. But here it is again, take a look at this post in particular: Halo Wars 2 Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store.
If any further assistance is needed, use the correct thread, please.