Halo Wars modding (gpd)

Some of my stats that you will also get from my general gpd.

My total score 4,153,546
My total time played 704hours 23mins
My total private games played 182 with win percentage around 70%

General gpd. That is from my main.

Recruit gpd

Lieutenant with 15399 score.

Captain with 34171 score.

Major with 61665 score.

Commander with 121628 score.

Colonel with 238464 score.

Brigadier with 481543 score.

On your xbox, clear your system cache.
Now swap your Halo Wars gpd ( 4D530808 ) with any of the above.
Remember to rehash/resign.
Now go onto Halo Wars and DO NOT update.
Play a game offline you do not need to win it just play for a few seconds then end it.
Connect to live (update) and done.

Video tutorial on swapping gpd.
Not my video by the way.

If you have any problems please message me.

Bump to to the top of the first page. This should be helpful to very few people.

i don’t have the game, but once i get it, i’ll be sure to give it a try

Is your one the best one? I’m a noob :confused:

damn i wish i never sold this game

My general gpd is not the best one but I think it is still good.

lol i might do this for the intimidation factor. im a major right now, and when people see generals they usually get scared. surprised to see anyone has this game :stuck_out_tongue:

You mad, I love this game and I have played it for a very long time and I believe that rank means very little now.

Edit: When I say mad I do not mean mad.

why would i be mad?
lol well to a noob like me it does
im not very good, but i like playing it :stuck_out_tongue:

lol this is an AMAZING GAME EVER!!! i loved it n_n

cool my friends play it every night as a cool down game and my dog ate my disk about a year ago so im ganna by it on game son demand tonight and do this lmao theyll be like wtf you never play ill be like ya i no im just that beast thanks dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lolwut :laughing: I can play with some people at times, if you wish to play as a team though you do have to be good. My gamertag is Im Andrew.

Lol ya im not that good the most epic thing ive done and i was literally the first person to do it was make an army of engineers lmao now as ive been told its spread like wild fire

might try it if i find my game

haha! Thats my youtube video xD

Thank I’m going to be giving this a shot, might be making a video tutorial for my YouTube subscriber’s. I’ll be sure to use your name!

Are there any campaign mods?
Legendary on some missions are IMPOSSIBLE. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not have to put my name, yes I uploaded my gpds however I did not find this and there are plenty of other gpds.

Not that I know of. You should use tutorials to get the missions you cannot do completed.