Haven is the wrong game

there is a game called haven i know there use to be cheats for this game, but when i wanted to use them it shows the completely wrong game on the app now.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

We do not have cheats for the game called Haven here at WeMod.

As far as I am personally aware, only three (maybe four) trainers have ever been removed from WeMod in the years since its founding. Haven wasn’t one of them that I’m aware of.

  • Trainers at WeMod are made or updated based on the current popularity of that game within the entire WeMod userbase.
    • You can learn more about how trainers are chosen to be made here: Game Queue
  • Trainers that were removed from WeMod were due to the developers reaching out and requesting its removal.

but thats the problem the original haven was swapped for what ever that haven is and when it swapped it removed the mods this is the original haven

been over 2 weeks and haven’t heard anything


WeMod has never had mods for Haven. The game changed the title art. The game shown in WeMod is correct.

so your telling me that both of these games are the same game you did have mods i have a save that i cant really play because my charters are not strong enough since i used wemod to get to that point


Also, WeMod does not condone the theft of intellectual property (cracked/pirated games). We do not deliberately make trainers to work with illegally-acquired (cracked) copies of games.

Sorry, they are not the same games. The original game was renamed from haven to haeven Haeven on Steam

Regardless, Haven(the game you are talking about) was imported into our database in 2020 and we’ve never had a trainer for it. Even doing a google search and a forum search there are no results. Threads are automatically created, so if. there was a trainer there would also be a thread here on the forums for it.