Having issues with installing WeMod

I keep getting a message telling me that I don’t have permission to install it. Problem is, I’m using the only account on the laptop, and it still won’t let me install it. On top of that, Webroot is insisting it’s malware. :frowning: Help?

Ok, So that’s an AV Problem, what you want to do. Create an exception on your AV for Wemod.
Or Disable your AV until wemod is installed. Navigate to the wemod folder and let it bypass your AV checks.

Make sure your account is an Admin account. If you have User account control on you may want to turn that off.

Before installing right click on the install.exe and run it as Admin.

This is called a false positive. Trainer software will trigger false positives every now and again because of the way trainers work, but it’s completely safe and harmless.

For your installation issues, see this post here for troubleshooting: I can’t Install WeMod / "There was a error installing the application" - #2 by Ravenfyre

For the admin issues, do as instructed in the post above. :slight_smile:

Thanks all! My husband got it up and running now :slight_smile: