Having trouble

my horizon is not reading my usb stick so i can add my season pass is there another method or how can i fix this

Is your USB formatted to be used with the 360? Also why are you trying to add a season pass using horizon? Why don’t you just download it from xbox live?

a friend sent it to me. how do i format the usb stick for xbox 360 (i also have another map pack that i want ti install if i cant use the season pass to work)

it wont work due to the season pass being licensed to your friends profile, the only thing i can suggest is license transferring it from your friend.

Just a guess but I am sure it will not work due to the season pass being purchased on another account.To format a USB to an xbox simply plug the USB into your xbox,go to the dashboard and scroll to the page “Seeting”,press "System then “Storage”,select memory unit and it will ask you to frmat it.Another random guess:After formatting the USB drag the season pass into horizon and change the ID’s.Save the season pass to your console and try modding.
This was just a guess so anyone please mistake me if I am wrong.

What game are the season pass for?

Some season passes won’t work even if you license transfer them. Instead, license transfer the individual dlc that was included in the season pass.

This might happen do to having to much on your usb or a laggy computer you have to wait a while. In the meantime you can play something else or use a different usb.

To format go to storage devices on your xbox 360 or One and click your usb (DON’T HAVE ANY FILES ON THERE THEY WILL GET DELETED)
Then once its done your good to go!