Helldivers 2

Hello WeMod Team,

I’ve been thinking about HD 2 yesterday and today, and I think that since you can also play HD 2 solo, if you set the social setting to friends! that you might create a small trainer, if it is technically possible, of course! Personally,

I would like Godmode or Infinite HP,
infinite reload

and a way to stop the playtime, because the 40 minutes you sometimes have are not enough in solo play!

I know it’s a co-op game, but it’s a PvE game, but you don’t use the cheats to defeat other players! Maybe you can set the trainer so that it only works on the setting Play with friends!? because just as an example at Deep Rock Galactic, where you can set whether you can play solo, with friends or in public, you have also created a trainer! and there are also other games where multiplayer is possible and you have created a trainer.

So this is my opinion, which I wanted to say once, and if it is technically possible!? then it would be wonderful if your dear WeMode team would do us loyal members this favor.

Yours sincerely, Legoshy


One thing to consider: if the game is server-sided, and not client-sided, then the trainers wouldn’t work anyway.

The game is a live-service game. A trainer is not possible for it.

Hm ok that explains a lot, thanks for the info