Helllo my wemod

Wemod is loaded but none of the mods show up so I cannot click on them

Hi there! Could you please send a screenshot of what you see?

You need to hit the Play button in the top-right corner of the trainer :slight_smile:

this is what I get

Where did you buy the game from?


its been working all day I play games with it with np

In that case, your antivirus might be interfering with your trainer. Try following these instructions and see how you go.


why would it have been working for months and I never turn anything off

now when I click on the wemod STEAM app come up

Could you try launching the game first. Then once the game has loaded, hit Play on WeMod?

As for the antivirus, a recent update to your antivirus software, or WeMod, could cause it to interfere with WeMod.
I’ve had my own antivirus, Malwarebytes, block Chrome due to a recent Chrome update. Antiviruses are like the digital version of printers. Infuriating. :stuck_out_tongue:


It work now
Thank you!

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yup np