Hello and help plz

So I just joined. Don’t know much about the community but I am hoping to have some fun with my old games now that I am getting a XBONE and I don’t really care if I get banned for it or not. I am hoping to mostly get COD and fallout mods working on my UNJTAGGED xbox, but there is a slight problem:

My Horizon program does not work. When I click on it the “application has stopped working” message appears and nothing else happens. So before I get any further, anyone mind helping out a noob?

Have you tried running as admin? if you did and the problem still persists try Uninstalling Horizon then Re-Installing Horizon from here :
Horizon Download

NOTE: If you use the same account on both the one and 360 and get banned on the 360 you’ll get banned on both.

Did that and still nothing. Confused

Hmmmm… what OS are you using?

NOTE: make sure your Anti-virus or Firewall isn’t blocking it.

win 8. Nothing is stopping it

It’s possibly a .Net Framework issue. Check to see if you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed, and if you don’t get it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21

It could also be a Windows update issue. Check to see if Windows has any updates available, and take them if you do.

Try deleting C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Daring_Developme nt_Inc .\Horizon.exe_StrongName_oj3dekulwqzgsr0yopf0ih1k4 ipdntld\\user.config Then try loading Horizon again.

Nothing like that exists in my local appdata. Fired it up after update and restart, nothing appears still.

While I am here trying to sort that out, can anyone point me in the right direction here? I am looking for USB mod menus for MW2 and MW3. Nothing fancy, something I can use to play online and get to max prestige or just unlock all forever. Not looking to make people moon jump or anything stupid like that, it’s just something for me. I don’t have JTAG, but I am planning to get one later for Dead rising modding

There is no USB Mod menus… However there is ISO mod menus.

Please explain. So all those videos are scams and it’s impossible? I just want to get my last prestige and all unlocks so I don’t lose everything all the time. Drives me nuts, don’t care about infections or anything else. I am looking for infection lobbies right now to do just that for me, so is this even worth it for me?

“WORD OF WARNING” as previously stated, if you get yourself banned on the 360 then don’t plan on playing the XONE as you will also be banned on that too. The ban or suspension that you might receive will be for both consoles not just your 360.