Hello Community

Hello, I am Twin, you can mostly find me on GTA V Online. I joined this website for the purpose of assisting you all with leveling and money on GTA V Online. If you want to join my sessions please send me a message or you can head to my thread once it’s made.

You can find my GTA V thread here: https://www.horizonmb.com/threads/168199-Level-Money-Mission-Grinding-Trash-Talk-OPEN-GTA-V

Hello, twinn
My name is Testman12 i have alot of experiemce with this site this site is for mdding not creating forums to play gta v yOU CAN SIMPLY CREATE WEBSITES HERE TO DO SO



Please stop with the spoilers use them for what they are for, spoiling. What do you mean you have a lot of experience with this site? you joined last month. Also there is a forum for a reason. He is free to use it as long as he follows the rules.

Welcome Twinn! Enjoy the site.