Hello everyone GR Wildlands

I have a problem with the Game and trainer, I know that they have versions of the game such as for Steam, Uplay, Epic Games, if I am not mistaken, I downloaded the game but it is not original or I mean not a legal copy, naturally it is a game cracked from the page from Fitgirl which is this version (LINK REMOVED) and it does not connect with any ubisoft or battleye.net server and well try some trainers like Steam, Uplay and Epic Games with the 10 options trainer and try the sunbean one too but it turns out I can only use the options of (no reload, infinite ammo and infinite grenades the other options when you activate them the game closes and it throws me to the desktop screen I have tried it with the blocker of battleye.net and even so the game closes and throws me the desktop screen if someone can help me and tell me what I can do about it or if there is any trainer for that version or what can I do to get one elsewhere as from (FLING) I also love those trainers well if anyone knows anything I will thank you soon and take good care of you guys and girls of this pandemic I hope to visit you again cheer

Hello there. :slight_smile:

WeMod does not provide support or trainers for illegally-acquired copies of games.

Cracked games will always have compatibility issues with other software, such as trainers, DLCs or community-made mods.
This is because the game’s files have been messed around with far too much by the crackers to the extent that they are no longer recognisable as the base game.

The only fix for the issue you are having is to purchase the game legitimately to show your appreciation to the game’s developers and help them put food on their family’s tables.

For more information, see this post by a fellow staff member, @Instinct: No support for cracked games? - #3 by Instinct.

Also - please do not post links our community to shady third-party websites offering illegally-acquired software. Quote from our community guidelines:

Post Only Your Own Stuff
You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Thank you for understanding.