Hello everyone, nice to be here

Well I just joined recently, so I wanted to say hi to everyone on this forum.
New member (although I used Wemod’s stuff for more then 6 months or longer maybe)
Payed for the diamond package, but as the latest email from customer support kind of
confused me (I thought that the diamond package was the Pro options enabled in mods).

Now I just heared that Diamond and Pro are different, so I don’t really know what I bought
for $60. Maybe you can answer this, but I have asked this also just now at customer
support. They are very responsive (GJ!!) so I’ll get an answer very soon anyway I guess.

Anyways, good to be here people!
Best regards, Waareenwilisbenikweg.

My tag is Dutch and I left no spaces, basically it means a old Dutch saying.
Normally it says: Where there is a will, there is a way.
I changed it into: Where there is a will, I’m away :wink:



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Well thank you very much Fibby! :wink:

Welcome to wemod. Glad you found us
Ya diamond is for xbox360
Pro is for wemod trainers.
Idk looks like you bought diamond woops
Better check with support@wemod.com


Really? I don’t have an Xbox360. Oh my god!!!
Is there an option to change the diamond to Pro for pc?
Wow I payed $60 for Xbox360? pffff :flushed: :astonished:

I’ll ask this for sure to the support people, thanks for the info!!

Replied to customer support with this info, thnx for your reply
on this!!

Much appreciated!!

Edit: 15 hours later and I received a $60 refund already. Now I only need to find where
I can purchase the Pro option for pc. :thinking: Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out :wink:

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

What are your most favourite games of all time?

And support will get back to you normally within 2-3 working days, depending how many support requests were sent in before yours. Always feel free to ask here if unsure of something. :slight_smile:


Skyrim is obviously one of the greatest game ever made of all time. :+1:

Not quite. The ISP Comcast, institutional networks and the nation of China have issues with WeMod. Thanks for the assistance, but we’ve already seen and resolved this a million times. :slight_smile:

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Mostly open world, freeroam games like:
Skyrim, GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption etc.

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I modded the ■■■■ out of Skyrim, 1 arrow did 2 million damage, killing dragons with 1 shot.
Just wanted to see how far I could go, but the game became boring tbh.
1 spell and I could turn a whole village into frenzy mode etc. or kill them.

Using console commands etc. Rings, headsets, gloves you can improve so much.
I had everything at 500x higher due to that, it’s a loop trick you can do unlmited
times. It takes time though, Smithing, Alchemy etc. to master level to go higher

Wow can’t say S H I T??

But anyways, still one of the best games ever!!

Yeah, I’m a Pro now, customer support refunded my $60 diamond package straight away.
Awesome support I have to say!!
Will take 3 to 5 work days for the refund, but that’s fine with me, just how Paypal
I love Wemod, the website, customer support and forums/moderators etc.
You all have been great!!


True!! Skyrim is really one of my all-time favourites

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Yepp thanks looks like you where switched already. Says pro and not diamond next to your name

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Yeah, after I got the refund email, I payed for the Pro option for pc this time.
Played some games just now. GTA 5, Rage 2 etc. Wemod apps are working
100% now. :wink:
All pro options are working now!! :grin: :smile:



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Hi welcome.

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yeah man. welcome