Hello everyone!

This place is incredible. Such hard work and dedication. Thank you.


Thank you :heart:! And welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the community. Great having you here! :slight_smile:

And I’m glad to see that you are enjoying WeMod as well.

What are your top three favourite games of all time?

That is a hard question. There’s more than a few every decades !

Top 1 for me would be Giants Citizen Kabuto, but nowadays I mostly play 2d/2.5d platformers such as DARQ, Inside, etc… they take less time and less computing powaa (my PC is getting old, but was top notch in 2008 hehe).


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Nice! :slight_smile:

Old computers can still run some great games. Here’s an (incomplete but useful) list: A list of games for your low-spec potato computer.

Also don’t forget to keep an eye on the Deals & Giveaways section of the forum. There’s currently at least one free game every week, some of which lower end machines may be able to run. :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m loving WeMod guys. I hope it remains safe and free for years to come. Nothing against other sites that host trainers, but I hope WM puts them out of business. lol

WeMod is really cool. I don’t need to go to any shady websites to download cheats for once and I always wanted to cheat in singleplayer. I like it lots so far.


I was a long-time user of gamecopyworld… to be honest I was very hesitant before downloading WeMod and making an account. I couldn’t believe such a thing was real with no bullshit.

About time trainer devs get a proper space and proper recognition (and hopefully a bit of compensation too) ! Were I in any financial surplus, this would probably be the only thing I would fund on the internet (that and proper journalism but that’s neither here nor there).

Thanks for the potato-specific list, I take a look.

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I am also a veteran GCW user. I might even have a few saved HDDs with some worms that I couldn’t get rid of on it due to those dang no-cd cracks lol. So i feel you on being skeptical but still taking a chance on WeMod.

Hello :smiley:
I’ve been using wemod for a little while - Love it SO much! Helps me play my games the way I want to! Thanks so much for all the work you all do!