Hello from Texas

I’m a very senior citizen and still have and want to keep my mind in tach…so I play FPS games…currently on Dishonored 1 have played Crysis and started with Halo Combat evolved. I enjoy the WeMod games as they provide comfort for my game play and don’t stress me out.

I would like to alter how long time can be stopped (just a few more seconds…not minutes). I have seen how fast younger persons play, but 4 us older or less coordinated a time change could be very helpful…I work with disabled vets and such time mods are more required. I go by the name of Larry and even respond to LT.

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For those who play the game Dishonored 1 (like or dislike the game) it has been played by me for excessive hours in every level of difficulty with one driving goal…the perfect game play, where at the end of each mission the tally score is 4 zeros and two check boxes.
Todate I have a total score of 3 bodies found no dead with clean hands and ghost. Those totals come from playing in the hard and very hard mode.
Hold 48% achievements and only a small amount comes from playing in Infinity. I have a few bugs most serious of recent time is my mouse freezes up during game play and simply put I die…
I know Chris is the one who can help me and for now waiting to here from him about the issue…

I have not played Infinity very long and must say it’s like playing a new game only I know how the game is played which makes it more fun to play with all the enhancements and a comfortable budget along with no issues of ammo, health, or mana. Love this game play and cannot say enough about how enjoyable this game becomes when playing in Infinity.
If anyone else enjoys the game and would like to ask about the game believe I may have learned a few secrets and want to learn what I have missed. This is my hobby these days

Hello there, welcome to WeMod! I picked up Dishonored for Xbox 360 back when it first came out. I really enjoyed it and after completing it on normal difficulty I played on hard and used a save editor to gain some advantages. Now that I have a RGH modified 360 again I think I’m going to go ahead and play through it and all the DLC with a trainer. It should be fun.

Feel free to share some secrets with me. I don’t have any to share though, sorry… but if i find anything cool I’ll let you know.

I will offer this one… My goal is Ghost…from the first effort to escape from the prison trying to get past those guards…well here is what I found strange though it may sound…in sneak mode carefully move past the first guard with his back to you keeping to your left…wait next to the large roll of fence wire (or on top of roll) and watch the other two guards talking…one armored guard will swing out his arms (open arm expression) that is your cue to move left along wall…stay along the wall walking straight into the hose rolled up on rack…it will raise up and let you pass under it…continue to the next roll and stop under that roll…for as long there no one will see you. It will take time but plan each attempt to get past the guards without raising bars…(you cannot see the first guard from that position)

side note: from what I learned about this first guard, his angle of view is limited when the walking guard comes from the gate area to the first pillar on his right side. you must time your move to pass that walking guard without raising bars and must time so the guard with armor is facing a wall or walking with his backside to the walking guard.

I walk backwards in my gameplay (using Nostromo keypad and mouse combo controls) so I can see if anyone raises bolts indicating have been detected. You will have to learn to walk backwards as I have no way to describe the technique…it’s not easy to accomplish.

The two guards that trigger failed attempts are the first guard with his back to you…you can use the same cue (open arm) to choke that first guard out and drag him to the wall you must sneak down to the hoses. and when you finally reach the last escape location where you plant the bomb to blow open the door…the guard you must take out is the one that does not patrol. he is the snitch that I have yet to get around and not be detected. In your sewer escape plan where you drop down onto a rock support above two guards and you wait while one takes a pee in the water…you can jump into the water there where he peed or move down past the floor grids to the other side where you can jump into the water and swim staying first to your left then to your right two times then left till you see a light…and exit at that light.

This is but a brief and will attempt to explain problem areas you encounter for this the first mission to play the game…for now my game is down and cannot start a game play to assist you with a specific issue that may occur. Larry

hello from Madtown Wisconsin