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Hello looking for Gamer Buddies


Hello looking for gamer buddies for Monster Hunter Worlds. Just chill session doing quests, events, arena and expeditions ect. The link here is linked to my steam account and adds you instantly to my friends list.


[EDIT] This link its for us WeMod Users If you wanna go there: WeMod Goon Squad


I don’t play it but I added you if you are up for anything else.


Yeah updated the link again go to that, that’s for Wemod users so we can play together


I also sent an invite, I love MHW


Hey that link to wemod group is the steam chat and has text channels and voice channels :slight_smile:


Hey @I3loodDevil, added you as a Steam friend, though I don’t have MHW yet. Seems to be a popular game here, so perhaps I’ll pick it up on sale sometime (there is usually a Steam sale around October). Pretty rare I ever buy anything unless it is on sale, I’m cheap, lol!

My coordination stinks, and I’m not skilled by any means, so I usually look for laid back folks as yourself on the rare occasion I opt to engage in a multi-player game. I’ve actually made more friends here on WeMod than anywhere else due to the more recreational mindset towards gaming. It truly is a great community as a whole.

I learned my lesson long ago about “pick up” teams. It never ceases to amaze me how serious some get, as if their life’s reputation revolved around a game. I think the best “call out” I ever had was when someone asked me “Dude, why do you suck so bad, are you retarded”? My response was “I have this thing called responsibility, I get an hour or two to game if I’m lucky. I don’t just wipe my rear and play games for a living”. The team laughed and the wanker immediately left.

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you soon. I often am “invisible” on Steam, as I’m often helping dad while going back and forth to the computer. Simply message me and I’ll get back to you when I can. I’m definitely going to check out the MHW videos and see what it is all about. Take care!


No worries I seen you added me so I added you back. When I get my internet back after september I’ll be able to play multi with you, atm its a no go…I’ll prob be offline for a little while anyways on October looking for a house to move in


I picked up Killing Floor 2 not long ago but have no one to play it with. would not mind running a few games with ya