Hello New to using the App but not to using trainers loving this site so far

Any option For Lifetime Membership? Have lifetime on another site.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying WeMod.

We do not have a lifetime membership, no. And it is not likely that we will ever offer one.

A one-time lifetime membership fee is not a sustainable business model in modern times. A one-time payment does not help with the ongoing, long-term recurring costs of running a business. Once the funds made from one-time purchases are exhausted, then there’s no further funds available to continue maintaining the software, servers, paying creators, and so on.

Many businesses are no longer offering one-time lifetime membership fees. Those who are tend to be smaller businesses that are desperately cash-strapped trying to seek a fund injection boost - and it is usually a temporary measure. Because, as said, it is not sustainable.

Businesses who do not move on from one-time fees, sorry to say, will not survive very long after their fund source is exhausted.
Since WeMod wants to thrive and provide a service for many years to come, we do not offer one-time fees, but a subscription, which will enable us to continue running strong for many years, perhaps decades. :slight_smile: