Hello wemod community

I’m new to this side. The friendly bot that welcomed me, had given a guide to me and now i’m ready to meet some new people how like to play and mod great games like i do.
My all time fav games are simcity and sims (all of them), in those games i have the most experience with modding my self.
But other Games i’m currently playing are the reasons were that i found wemod.com
Here at wemod i chosse the same nic name Chanja6 that i have at origin, Steam, GOG and Youtube.

I’m not a english speaking native, so i’m really sorry if most sounds weird.
I like to improve my self but in learning good gramatik i guess i’m a bit to old with my 40 years.
so instead i’m learning some new modding skills.

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For a non native English speaker that was pretty good! I sank tons of time into sims when I was younger! City skylines was fun to play for a while as well, it’s like simcity but prettier :slight_smile:

Welcome to WeMod!


thx for the warm welcome.
whispers CitySkylines is what SimCity should be.

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welcome! there are several non-natives here :innocent:

i used to play a little sim back in the day, the adventure dlc of sims 3 i believe it was, where you could travel and explore tombs and there was danger of dead, althou you had to get really bad lucky.

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you are right Spray1 in World Adventure you can travel and there is a chance of death.
Simmilar it’s in Jungle Adventure in Sims 4, but there is a diferenz in Sims 3 you get also taks you have to fullfill.

it’s good to know that here a more non native english speakers, i like when difenrent people getting togehter.

Bonjoir je vien de commencé je suis sur le menu triche tout et sur off je ne peut rien changer comment faire

what would you like to change the langue?

Ya please use English here , thanks

Hello :smiley: