Hello World of wemod!

Hey everyone, used to go by Ryan™ many years ago. I’ve been around since the Xbox360Content ages.
Not sure if any of you are from that era but if you are say hello!

Just lurking around seeing whats new in the modding community. It has come a long way.
This new ‘company’ wish i knew who ran it as I’m sure some of the OG’s have something to do with since Horizon is linked with it. The application looks stunning and you guys have done a great job. I have a background in web development/programming etc and I’m very impressed.

Anyways see you all around.

Yupp welcome to wemod. Same peeple wh made horizon ! Just moved on cuz 360 aint no more !
Ya but nice place here lotta friendly people here.
If you neee anything just ask
Yupp used to love modding the 360

Pleased to meet you @Torment! I have a background in software development as well, over 22 years. I’ve only been around a short time here, a couple of months or so, but could not be more pleased with the application and community. As @ptondo said, there are a lot of very helpful and friendly people here.

Like any forum, you’ll find the occasional flamer or whiner, but they are the minority, and don’t tend to last long. You are certain to find many helpful people and new friends, as I have. Most people are quite eager to help if they can, and the WeMod team is very responsive.

You’ll find quite a diverse community of gamers here. The one thing we all share in common is the mentality games should be fun, not frustrating. Welcome to the community once again, and I look forward to future correspondence!

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