Help Blops 3 zombies mod menu download

can anyone give me a link thats not adfly cant for the love of god get a download through it and its doing my head in.
thanks in advanced guys new on here.

What you are looking for doesn’t exist.

WaW is the only xbox 360 game that I know about that had anything like that.

Retail xbox 360s just don’t read unsigned code and thats why jtag/rghs exist.

I dont understand what you are saying.

I started modding black ops 1 on usb yesterday with success then I was looking on youtube and found some videos with downloads.

I tried downloading them but couldn’t get through the adfly website but I take it there fake videos and will need a jtag?

Black ops 1 had gpd mods, not really a mod menu.

Later cod games had dvar mods for campaign.

Isn’t the xbox 360 version of black ops 3 only multiplayer?

Edit: looks like it has zombies.

yer it had only god mode ray gun and couple of other weapons unlimited ammo and that was about it.

wasn’t the best and yer black ops 3 is only multi player that’s why I was confused when I saw that there was videos saying usb mods.

I haven’t seen any videos but im 99% sure the video is either edited or the player recording has a modified xbox 360.

And gpd mods had more then you described, can send you some sources if you want.

I did think its to soon for anything to evan be out on there yet.
search black ops 3 zombies usb mods on youtube,

yes please mate not having a lot of luck finding any decent ones driving me crazy.

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yes please any hrlp you could give me will help only started modding last week had pretty good run up until now.

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Heres a nice detailed tutorial for making a modded black ops 1 gpd. (i would use horizon instead of modio though.)

And you should give up on modding bl3 unless you are ready for a jtag/rgh (which are costly and complicated).

Edit: a tip, surveys are dead giveaways for scams.

yer ill move on to jtagging in the future iv done a lil with my mate when he installed his jtag and making his own discs so can call on him and you guys when the time comes lol.
cheers for the help.

Its not possible its Next Gen even on xbox/ps3 sorry but you cant.

Next Gen is not possible even with the help of HxD (what you should know if not get it) and even XML and C++ code mod menus will not come up because playstation will not support it.

Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

Xbox 360/ps3 is not next-gen. Xbone/ps4 isn’t even next-gen.

As to ME being wrong, gpd modding does not require jailbreaking/jtag/rgh/etc.

Yes, it is not like any os can read any type of file. The OS will need to be programed to support it.

dude I to accounts with both jtags

how about Black ops 3 on X box 1

Please don’t bump old threads. It isn’t possible to mod xbox one.