(HELP) call of duty advanced warfare Gun set up help!

hi i just got call of duty advanced warfare on the xb1 i have only played 2 CoD games ever call of duty advanced warfare and BO2 and i only played BO2 for maybe a month same with call of duty advanced warfare and i dont know what guns are good and what i should put on them i have tried snipers but they r hard for me and i have tried bal 27 a lot of times and it seems people still kill me before i could kill them anyone got a setup i could use ? P.S i know i should buy BO3 but not everyone has the money to buy Bo3 so please do not comment saying any BS like that i just want a setup nothing else lol

Just use what you like, if you use it enough it will be a good gun in your hands

I have to agree with hawk. Guns are pretty balanced on fps games so it’s mostly just preference. I have always liked assault rifles and bolt action snipers. But I’m sure a pistol would suffice for experienced gamers on games like cod where kids are plentiful.

Pistols are great

thats the thing i cant find the right gun lol i have tried them all i can do pretty good the the shot guns but it seems that i do better when i just pick up a gun that is on the floor from someone else

What are your play-style?

whats a play style still new to Cod lol i play a lot of free for all if thats what u mean

Google it.

I don’t think it’s the weapons that are the problem. I think you just need to put in a lot of time and get good at the game. Like with any game, to compete with better players you need skill, and in this case you need to understand the benefits of each weapon. You obviously don’t want to use close range weapons from a great distance etc… I never had a problem using pretty much any gun, it’s more about quick reflexes, knowing the map/stage you’re playing on and staying alert… or you’re gonna get taken out. Just play hard and you’ll get better.